Just for Kids

Wildlife Mississippi magazine regularly publishes wildlife-focused activity sheets for kids. They are prepared by the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science and made available here for downloading and printing. More activity sheets will be added periodically.

Download Forest Journey

Download Amphibians

Download Treasure Hunt (See)

Download Treasure Hunt (Hear)

Download Turtle Fortune Teller

Download Dino Scavenger

Download Animals Secrets

Download Bears in Mississippi

Download Insect Activity Sheet

Download Frogs, Predators and Prey

Download Frogs Activity Sheet

Download Turkey Activity Sheet

Download Megalodon Activity Sheet

Download Ode to Smokey Bear

Download Monsters of the Deep

Download Ocean Animals

Download Fun Facts About Owls

Download Animals with Backbones

Download Endangered Species Word Search

Download Match the Dino

Download Teddy Bear Word Search

Download Raptors

Download Venomous Snakes

Download Down to the Bone