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(For the week of November 22, 2010)
Join Wildlife Mississippi Today
by James L. Cummins

Want to be part of something great for Mississippi? Join Wildlife Mississippi today!

Wildlife Mississippi is a private, non-profit, charitable conservation organization. Contributions from sportsmen, individuals, corporations, foundations and the conservation community are essential to the success of its initiatives.

By joining our organization, you make a strong commitment toward the conservation of fish, wildlife and plants throughout Mississippi. While this is an important first step, your involvement and input should not end there. With your renewed support, we will continue to work for programs that improve the quality of life in Mississippi and the value of our lands. You will witness this commitment each time you see, read or listen to another story about the conservation efforts of Wildlife Mississippi. So ask a friend to join us also!

Our mission is to conserve Mississippi’s natural heritage for the enjoyment by all of Mississippi’s residents and visitors. Because of our beliefs and principles, we are different than most conservation and environmental organizations. We have three basic principles; they are: 1) utilize incentives to conserve, restore and enhance fish, wildlife and plant habitat; 2) conservation can thrive while respecting private property rights; and 3) more effective and responsive government policies will enable more on-the-ground conservation to take place.

Our success is measured by achievements in conservation, restoration and enhancement of plant and wildlife habitat. Furthermore, all funds raised by Wildlife Mississippi will stay here at home in Mississippi.

Wildlife Mississippi’s beliefs and goals are: 1) it takes a strong economy to sustain a quality environment; 2) conservation should include both private and public lands; 3) private property rights encourage good stewardship; and 4) conservation makes Mississippi a better place to live, work and raise a family.

To date, we have protected 92,616 acres, restored 51,254 acres and enhanced 141,964 acres for a total of just over 285,800 acres. That is impressive by any standard.

We need the support of Mississippians. In fact, it’s your opportunity to have a voice in what happens to our great state. With your membership, you receive a subscription to our quarterly Wildlife Mississippi magazine, a membership card and a decal. Also, depending on what level of support, there are more benefits. To join, you can log onto, or to obtain a brochure about the organization, you can write to Wildlife Mississippi, PO Box 10, Stoneville, MS 38776 or call (662) 686-3375.

James L. Cummins is executive director of Wildlife Mississippi, a non-profit, conservation organization founded to conserve, restore and enhance fish, wildlife and plant resources throughout Mississippi.