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(For the week of May 25, 2009)
Online Cookbook
by James L. Cummins

Wildlife Mississippi is pleased to announce its electronic cookbook titled A Compilation of Favorite Recipes of Members and Friends of Wildlife Mississippi has been updated and is now available.

Wildlife Mississippi is a charitable, low-overhead, no frills organization which seeks to protect, restore and enhance our fish, wildlife and plant resources for the enjoyment and enrichment of all residents of Mississippi, their progeny and visitors to the state. We are strong advocates of hunting, fishing and other forms of outdoor recreation. We believe that proper conservation is important to our quality of life. We also believe in proper utilization of the harvest.

Every concerned Mississippian knows what it is like to watch a beautiful sunset at the end of a long day afield or on the water. Those outings don't have to end at sunset. After the rods and guns have been put away, grilling a venison steak or frying up a batch of crappie is the perfect way to relive those wonderful days afield. My wife, Martha, and I constantly enjoy wild game and fish and have found them to be very healthy. In fact, we eat some type of wild game or fish 2 to 3 times per week.

Preparing the bounty of our harvest can often be a family affair. Sharing in the preparation and enjoyment of nature is an important part of the outdoor experience.

We encourage everyone to take at least 1 to 2 nights per month to experiment with a new wild game or fish recipe. Try one of these recipes in our online cookbook and develop a further appreciation of Mississippi’s wonderful outdoors with family and friends. It's a great way to spend an evening and a economical way to eat well during an economy, well, that is not exactly booming.

Many people contributed to the writing of this cookbook. A special thanks to our many members and friends across Mississippi who searched for recipes for us, many favorite family recipes, and provided their all-important encouragement and support for this publication.

This cookbook is written for those wildlife enthusiasts who have discovered that transforming a bag of frozen venison into a gourmet meal can be every bit as challenging and rewarding as bagging a trophy buck.

This cookbook is dedicated to the thousands of anglers and hunters throughout Mississippi who understand that bagging a deer or catching a limit of crappie isn’t over at the end of the outing. It’s only the beginning.

James L. Cummins is executive director of Wildlife Mississippi, a non-profit, conservation organization founded to conserve, restore and enhance fish, wildlife and plant resources throughout Mississippi.