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Wildlife Mississippi Magazine

Summer/Fall 2000

President's Message

Peyton SelfThe Mississippi Fish and Wildlife Foundation is committed to increasing the amount of fish and wildlife habitat in Mississippi. Since the Foundation was formed, thousands of acres have been added to public wildlife areas and national wildlife refuges in Mississippi. Thanks to our own Senator Thad Cochran, we even have a new Visitor's Center at Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge.

We cannot expect, nor should we expect, enough of taxpayers' dollars to be available for government agencies to acquire as much land as we might like for fish and wildlife habitat, or hunting, fishing or wildlife viewing. We will, of course, continue our efforts to gain more land for fish and wildlife, but our greatest gain will be on private lands.

Mississippi's farmers and landowners, working with the Mississippi Fish and Wildlife Foundation, have set an example for America in their enthusiastic commitment to develop fish and wildlife habitat. Your Foundation has led the way for developing and maintaining incentive-based programs to aid landowners in enhancing and restoring this habitat.

Much of these resources that many of us have enjoyed over past decades is no longer available to the average fish and wildlife enthusiast. The greater supply of private lands in habitat will translate into more opportunities for us all.

Many of Mississippi's forest landowners, such as Anderson-Tully Company, a leader in bottomland hardwoods conservation, has provided over 500,000 acres for public use at a reasonable cost. It is our hope that smaller landowners will follow their example, providing more habitat for fish and wildlife and those that want to enjoy it.

Mississippi is one of the few areas in America where large scale wetland restoration is occurring. Let's keep it up. Our children and grandchildren will be better off because of our efforts.

Peyton Self


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