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About MFWF: Who are we?

What is the Mississippi Fish and Wildlife Foundation?

Bear CreekIn 1997 Mississippians had the vision and dedication to create the Mississippi Fish and Wildlife Foundation, or Wildlife Mississippi as it is commonly called. The Foundation, is a low-overhead, no frills organization which was founded to conserve, restore and enhance our fisheries and wildlife resources for the enjoyment and enrichment of all residents of Mississippi, their progeny and visitors to our state..

An Effective Conservation Philosophy.

Wildlife Mississippi is on the forefront of an effective conservation philosophy. It is based on three basic principles: 1) a strong economy Whitetailsprovides incentives, 2) encourage conservation stewardship while recognizing private property rights and 3) polluters should be liable for harm they cause others. Now is the time to establish conservation philosophy that contains effective and cost-efficient programs to improve Mississippi's fish and wildlife resources for years to come.

Effective, efficient and local.

Wildlife Mississippi's success will not be measured by number of members, nor size of staff, nor budget, nor an impressive office Hummingbird at Nestbuilding which will never be built. Mississippi's wealth of leadership and overwhelming support and participation of sportsmen, industry, business, farmers, landowners and wildlife enthusiasts will ensure that the Foundation will succeed. All funds raised by Wildlife Mississippi will stay at home, in Mississippi. The Foundation has already become a model for America. The future of Wildlife Mississippi is unlimited.

Staff Profile

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